VKR Prakash Modern Rice Mill has more than three generation of expertise in servicing the food industry in Tamil Nadu, India. VKR Prakash Modern Rice Mill is the one and only manufacturer of Sivaji Brand Rice.

We are highly experienced in all aspects of Manufacturing, sales, marketing, and distribution of our brands, and private label. We supply all leading multiple retailers, wholesales, independents, supermarkets, and online stores for more than 50 years. The main manufacturing rice mill located at Arni only and we don't have any other manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu.

The health benefits of Sivaji Brand Rice includes supplying energy, fighting inflammation, reducing cancer risk, supporting nervous system health, promoting heart, preventing constipation, controlling blood sugar levels, supporting immune system health, a great source of selenium and a natural diuretic.

We have the copyrights of Sivaji Brand Rice, Agmark, Trademark, and FSSAI,
ISO 9001-2008 Certificate. We are the registered Mill of Sivaji Brand Rice. We are paying GST to Govt for selling products by this brand name.

We are branding Sivaji brand rice more than three generation and we are the best in this field.

Just verify the below things to identify whether you are buying Sivaji Brand Rice,

  • Check whether the V.K.R.Venkatesan name labeled at in front of the rice bag.
  • Check whether the V.K.R. Prakash Modern Rice Mill name labeled at the right side.
  • Check whether the V.K.R.Venkatesan name labeled at the left side.
  • Check whether the V.K.R.Ganesh & V.K.R.Prakash names have printed below the owner sons photos of the rice bag backside.
  • Check whether these names are placed at the back side of the rice bag. V.K.R.Venkatesan, V.K.R.Prakash Modern Rice Mill, Sree Dhanalakshmi Modern Rice Mill, Tiruchendur Murugan HI-Tech Mill, and Shri Annapoorni Modern Rice Mill.